Allan Gindi on Advice for Adoptive Parents

Adoption is both a wonderful and overwhelming process. This is true for both the children and the new parents. As such, it is essential to seek advice when needed. Ideally, potential parents should take the time to research before adopting a child. However, there will always be the need for ongoing research and advice regarding parenting. Here are some of the best pieces of advice for new adoptive parents.

Have Patience

Every step in the adoption process requires patience. Paperwork must be filed, qualifications need to be met, and inspections made. And all of that happens before ever getting the chance to bring home your adopted child.

Once home, it is common for a child to need some time to adjust. New parents should be patient here. Listen to their needs, even if those needs are a bit of space and time to process all the changes in their life.

Equality in the Home

Many adoptive parents already have a child or two in their home. It is essential to remember to treat all children equally. This goes beyond the obvious concerns of biological versus adoptive children and into treatment regarding ages, temperaments, and gender. It is vital for children to feel that they are being treated fairly and equally.


Some of the best advice an adoptive family can get is to take the time to listen. It can be difficult to voice an opinion during such dramatic changes, so do not waste these opportunities when they arise. Listen to your new children. More than that, try to see the world through their eyes and appreciate the depth of what they are trying to say.

Create a Support System

All new parents need help. It is beneficial to plan ahead and ensure that the entire family is on board with the adoption process. This support system can also include close friends, coworkers, and anyone else in your life that you would be willing to trust with your child.

Remember that there is no shame in asking for help. It is better to ask for help when needed than bottle up all the tension from feeling overwhelmed. Getting help when needed is a boon to children, as they learn good habits at a young age.

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Allan Gindi Lives in Irvine, CA

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